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In one basket

Yes, I know, they say you should not put all your eggs in one basket. But I tell you, knowing and acting are two different things – most of the time, I am nothing but a creature of habit, returning to the same basket time and again to place my eggs in. Even when I become aware of the potential risks, I often underestimate their impact and maintain faith in the basket that it will continue to keep my eggs safe. But you know what they also say, no use crying over spilt eggs… or rather, milk!


Well, I did it again last night. I kept putting my eggs called “time” in the same basket labeled “tatting.” I knew very well I needed to rest, for I was quite tired from an outing during the day but the start of another week of work was only a few hours away. But in my defense, you see, there was this one particular egg that kept me awake.


I was concerned ever since I came home that I had no basket to put it in, but I got this brilliant idea in the middle of the night – if there isn’t a basket, why not tat one? Yep, I can just hear you saying “all ideas that come up in the middle of the night seem brilliant, but they rarely remain brilliant the following morning!” But there was no one there last night to make me snap out of it, so the idea kept getting more and more, um, brilliant.


I first looked for a basket pattern by entering search terms “tatting + pattern + basket,” but what I found most attractive was not a basket pattern but a pattern named “Basket of Eggs.” I test tatted one motif and I really liked it, so I then began to think about how I could shape it into a basket. By this point, I was starting to feel I was in over my head, but I could not let go of the brilliant idea and I kept going.


And a while later, it suddenly dawned on me… or rather, the dawn came when I was just about to finish tatting up the third motif: I am nowhere near completion, the egg is still without a basket, and I am completely sleep-deprived. I have nothing to show but bags under my eyes, now how brilliant is that?!


So, maybe I am now regretting putting all eggs (time) in one basket (tatting) last night.

Maybe I am wailing over spilt eggs (sleep lost).


But should I start re-distributing my eggs to other baskets? I contemplated all day today, and remembered another saying – he that is once at sea, must either sail or sink. Okay, so it is not a boat but a basket, and it is not me but the egg who is to be on it, but I do not want this project to sink!


Then, maybe I just have to keep going until I can put this egg in a basket.


What’s a few more sleepless nights if I can make the idea brilliant after all is said and done? Yes, I know, they say all is well when egg’s well… or rather, that ends well. So, I have decided – I am going to take the risk and put all my eggs called “hope” in this one basket to-be.



I would say, another couple of nights till completion, maybe…


3 thoughts on “In one basket

    1. Aw, thank you, notewords – your words mean a lot! You’re right, it wasn’t too lovely to go to work without sleep, but I managed… the tatting, though, I’m realizing I definitely cannot manage without sleep! My rest-deprived fingers are so frustratingly defiant they were threatening to ruin the project, but I think they’ll be much more cooperative with your stamp of approval 🙂

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  1. Pattern: “Basket of Eggs” by M.K.
    Thread: Lizbeth by Handy Hands (cotton lace thread, size #80, colour #104 “Summer Fun” – medium lilac, medium seagreen, medium pink, light turquoise, and white between colours)
    Size: each motif about 3.5 centimetres or slightly less than 1 1/2 inches


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