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A day to love

December is traditionally called the “Month the Monks Run Around” in my mother tongue. This is because, in the olden days, the monks became very busy in December going around households to give each one last prayer for the year.


But monks are not the only people who become busy getting ready for the new year, we all do in our own ways. And we become so busy running around, we tend to zip by and not notice many lovely things we could have enjoyed… like some wintery ray of sunshine gently falling upon us:



This is a photo I took at one of the gardens I went “autumn foliage hunting” (leaf-peeping) last week. (I say autumn foliage, but it has been winter for nearly a month on Chinese calendar, so it is not wrong to say wintery ray of sunshine at the same time… am I confusing you??)


We also have a seasonal reference for winter called a “day to love,” referring to a winter day full of sunlight. A view like this, and I think you can understand why my ancestors came up with such an expression – what’s not to love about a day like this?


As I researched some more, I found that there is another meaning to this expression: to not waste time honouring and obeying (which, in our times, can roughly be interpreted to mean “showing love to”) your parents. At first glance, I could not see the connection between the expression and this meaning.


But I thought about it for some time, and maybe I see a ray of enlightenment.

Maybe your parents, and anyone who loves you, are like wintery ray of sunshine gently falling upon us.

Maybe they provide you with warmth and energy to grow and stand tall even when you must weather bitter cold conditions.

Andy maybe, although they get too hot and pushy about your future sometimes, that should not prevent you from showing your love to them once in a while.


I have not always had a good relationship with my parents. Sometimes they make it very difficult for me to show my love for them… and I am certain I often make it very difficult for them to show their love for me, too. But I have grown up, and they have grown old. We may not have as much time left as we think we do. Maybe I should stop wasting time running around so I can avoid feeling bitter, and have a “day to love” for them.


Maybe I will make December the month to think how I could cherish “days to love.”



This is a snowflake pattern but I wanted to commemorate a “day to love” so I chose autumn colours… I hope I did not do any wrong to its loveliness!


3 thoughts on “A day to love

  1. Thanks for sharing the colours and the pattern, it’s an incredibly beautiful piece and the colour ‘pop’ wonderfully together. I’ve been trying to dye some yarn with a similar feeling but maybe I’ll use this as some colour inspiration!

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    1. Hello and welcome, toomanystitches – I hope you’ll excuse me for never thanking you for the many likes you’ve given me… I’m a bit too shy to leave my footprints but I do enjoy visiting your site to see all the beautiful colours you dye 🙂
      I personally feel that half the project is about choosing the right thread colour(s) for it, so I try to share as much colour information as possible, thinking it might be of some use to someone’s project somewhere. I’m glad you found it useful – good luck with the dyeing!

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  2. Pattern: “First Day of December” by L.B.
    Thread: Lizbeth by Handy Hands (cotton lace thread, size #80, colour #100 “Falling Leaves” – variegated Victorian red, medium orange spice, dark melon, and dark canary)
    Size: about 6.5 centimetres or slightly over 2 1/2 inches

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