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Like ripples in the water

“When a person comes in contact with another, exchange of evidence of that contact always takes place.”


This is a quote from one of my favourite TV dramas in my homeland that I have been watching ever since I came back. The story is centred around a female forensic scientist and her crime scene investigation teammates, and this is what she said [my translation] in one of the episodes where she only had circumstantial evidence but vowed to find a scientific one because it certainly exists.


The quote struck a chord in me, because I often find myself acquiring a copy of the manners and gestures, the words and tone, the look and smile, the thoughts and logics, and many other things I find in the people with whom I come in contact.


At times I copy consciously and intentionally, but most of the time I seem to be copying unconsciously and inadvertently. Some things I copy because I think they make me more amicable and animated, but most of the things are actually senseless and silly and I struggle to understand what I ever saw in them. And it is not just the fancy, impactful things I copy… they are more often than not quite minute and subtle.


So, I have lots and lots of “evidence of contact” on me. Maybe I am a little too easily influenced, but by and large, I do not feel they are bad influences. I do not believe they are evidence that I find the need to hide if someone wanted to examine them in detail.


But the quote says “exchange” of evidence, which suggests that there is as much chance of my rubbing off some part of me on those who have come in contact with me, deliberately or inadvertently, as they do on me. And I am beginning to see that the chance is getting bigger and bigger as I get increasingly older than those around me.


Then, what do I wish to leave as “evidence of contact” on them?

Maybe nothing that causes big waves in them that rock their boats, but something which makes little ripples in them that somehow make their waters calmer.

Maybe ripples that propagate slowly, but reaches far and wide without much resistance.

Maybe ripples that, when they cross over with another, do not interfere with or cancel out each other, but can join together.


And maybe some of those ripples will hop from one person to another as “evidence of contact” and eventually come back to me… what shape will they take then?



Maybe someething like this? (Don’t the elements look like ripples in the water?)


I often get nervous coming in contact with others because of the quote at the top, but I remind myself that not all “evidence of contact” are evidence against contact… if I can find good evidence for contact, maybe I should go ahead and make some ripples in others!


One thought on “Like ripples in the water

  1. Pattern: “Ninth Day of December” by L.B.
    Thread: Lizbeth by Handy Hands (cotton lace thread, size #80, colour #158 “Niagara Falls” – variegated dark, light and very light ocean turquoise, and dark, light and very light ocean teal)
    Size: about 7 centimetres or slightly over 2 3/4 inches


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