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The best “D”

Last night, about one-fourth of my nation was glued to the TV watching the live broadcast of the championship match of an international sporting event. This was an unusually high audience rating, most likely due to our domestic club facing the world’s best and faring surprisingly well.


We were a huge underdog to anybody’s eyes, and nobody (not even ourselves, to be honest) expected much from us. But we actually led our opponent at one point, and we had the best chance near the end of normal time to complete what would have been a big upset. Unfortunately, though, we eventually lost in extra-time – on papers, all that will be recorded is the fact that the world’s best came out atop once again.


Maybe it was not meant to be.

Maybe it was too good to all come true.

Maybe we dreamed of a Cinderella story but got a wake-up call before it ended happily ever after.


Or, maybe we had a fatal flaw in our game strategy and/or team make-up that denied us the first ever title as an Asian club?


Maybe the reason for our faring surprisingly well was good defense, burying the opponent’s star players for the most part. It could even be said that we had better defense than the other side. But that was all.


Maybe the reason for our eventual loss was a lack of good offense. We knew the opponent had the best offense in the world and it would have been impossible to match their level. But we also knew there would be moments when they would ease up, and we would have a good chance of winning if we surely seized every moment. We simply did not seize all moments.


Then, maybe the reason for the decisive difference between our opponent and us was that their best defense was their good offense, whereas our best defense was simply being on the defensive.


And maybe the reason for my thinking this way is because I see this flaw in my people too often off the pitch as well, in everyday life. I find that they are very good on the defense, but fail to seize offensive moments in too many occasions. Usually, it is because they are afraid of being offensive, and they do not question why they are too frequently put on the defensive.


But I would like to tell them that it is not a bad or rude thing to always be on the offense. Maybe the best “D” is to be dynamic, determined, and sometimes even daring, all the while remaining darling… maybe the desirable outcomes are brought about best this way.




I was definitely on the offense with today’s piece. I tried being dynamic and determined and a little daring (I chose a different place to start than indicated for structural reasons… what an adventure that was!) – I think the piece is still darling and the outcome was pretty much what I had desired!


5 thoughts on “The best “D”

    1. Thank you, notewords – my low-resolution camera helps to hide much of the flaws in my tatting, but I think it captured well the beauty of the design, the pretty thread colours, and my enthusiasm in working with all these things 😉
      I have a plan to do a little something once all the snowflakes are completed (stay tuned!), but after that, they will most likely join all other past projects in the tin box where I keep them… if you have suggestions on what to do with them, I’m all ears!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Now there’s a thought! It would be nice to commemorate my first big tatting accomplishment by having it framed – thanks for the idea 🙂 I may start nitpicking on my work, though, if I have them out where I can see them all the time… maybe I’ll frame them for anyone who wants to become any of their foster-parents?!


  1. Pattern: “Nineteenth Day of December” by L.B.
    Thread: Lizbeth by Handy Hands (cotton lace thread, size #80, colour #122 “Caribbean” – variegated medium turquoise, dark lilac, and royal blue)
    Size: about 7 centimetres or slightly over 2 3/4 inches


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