Thoughts for No One in Particular

The optimistic pessimist

I am not a person who likes to gamble. I am quite the pessimist, so fearing that things will surely go bad if I let them depend on chance, I try to eliminate as much uncertainties as possible.


But I know I cannot plan out and control every detail of my life, and I realize there are some things I that will unfold even with my best efforts to intervene. I know some bad things will happen regardless of my efforts, and I must accept the outcome without complaints.


For these things, maybe it is better to do nothing.

Maybe it is better not to try to change the outcome, because it will be a waste of time…


Or will it?


Maybe you never know what exactly will happen until it really does.

And yes, maybe it will have been a waste of time – but maybe it will not.


Maybe you cannot choose what happens, but you can still choose how you approach the inevitables.

Maybe you will get hurt by bad things, but it would not hurt to try to at least alleviate the pain.


So, even though I cannot help being quite the pessimist I am, I choose to be an optimistic one at that. Whenever I am in a situation I can choose to do something… anything… I like to bet on the chance that doing it will make a difference, however small and scarce, and thereby exclude the chance that no change will surely occur.


And because I am such an optimistic pessimist, I am generally a happy pessimist whose heart is filled with wishful thinking. I constantly fear the worst, but I always remain hopeful for the best.


Oh, maybe I do like to gamble.

In fact, there is one gamble I gladly take every year – buying the year-end lottery, the biggest jackpot of the year in my homeland. I have yet to win, but I will not consider my losing streak as a waste of money! After all, you will not win or gain if you are scared of losing, would you not agree?


For all of you who have a choice to do something about some situation and are contemplating on whether or not to do it, maybe I have no good advice for you. But maybe I can tell you the same thing the sales clerks at the lottery desk tell all the buyers… “may good luck befall on those who do.”


A last note: I am in disbelief that British singer G.M. has passed away. Too soon to lose such a sure thing… what are the chances that I came to know about it on Christmas Day?


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