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Read the wind



This is the new year decoration, our traditional wreath, I hung on my door a couple of days ago. (Maybe you remember the one for this year? I love this series… there is something about the Chinese zodiacs placed in the top middle that make me choose them every year!)


I have mentioned several times now that 2017 is the Year of the Rooster in many of the Asian countries – Fire Rooster, to be exact. With so much changes occurring around the world this year, in the Year of the Monkey which is believed in my culture to be the year to leave behind things that trouble us, maybe many of us are feeling insecure about what the new year will bring us.


In my mother tongue, the word for “rooster” is pronounced the same way as “to catch / grab hold of,” and thus, Rooster Years are generally believed to be the times of ripening and reaping. It is thought to be the times to seek success and triumph in what you have spent your resources up until then.


But when it is the Year of the Fire Rooster, we are told to be cautious of how we seek the fruits of our efforts, because while fire represents proliferation, rooster symbolizes growth at its peak… the element advises you to push along further to get more, but the zodiac suggests you have gotten enough and to look for some form of closure. So, what should we do?


Maybe we need to be like weathercocks and see the direction and velocity of the winds that passes by us.

Maybe with a raging gust, we can be taken to new heights if blowing from behind us… but we could also be knocked down to record lows if blowing against us.

Maybe with a gentle breeze, opportunities will not come flying within reach when we want them to… but threats will also not come flying in our faces when we do not want them to.


But, maybe we need not be like weathercocks and be pushed around to wherever the winds carry us.

Maybe we have brains that can think for ourselves and hearts that can feel for ourselves.

Maybe it is easier to be told whose tails to follow, but it would be much more yielding to choose which way to head.


The winds today are far more difficult to predict than they used to be… changes in landscapes and climates (and I do not just mean those in nature but also man-made ones) have raised exponentially the complexity in estimating the direction and velocity. But we have better understanding and tools to forecast, or at least anticipate a range of possibilities from the worst to the best and make educated guesses on how we should react.


I hope the Year of the Rooster next year will bring to you and me state-of-the-art weathercocks that can read the wind like never before, so we can let go of our insecurities and grab hold of all the success and triumph dancing around us in the wind… and maybe even create a wind or two of our own with flaps of the wings!


2 thoughts on “Read the wind

    1. Hello and welcome, myphotographyworldweb – sorry for the late reply, it required me some effort to check your comment. Thank you for the wish, and I hope your 2017 will be a year erupting with happiness and joy in your phtography endeavours 😀


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