Thoughts for Myself

Keep the water flowing and flower floating

It was New Year’s Day last year that I took off from the starting point to drift out into the sea of cyberspace. I had no idea where I would be taken, and for much of the year I was left wondering if I was going anywhere.


Maybe I had no blooming thoughts dropping onto the water to float away in the first place.

Or maybe some flowers of my thoughts did drop but were too faint and frail that they got easily washed away.


Then again, maybe the water around me was not flowing or whirling in the same place, and could not have carried away my thoughts anyhow.

Or maybe the water moved too fast and forcefully that I got scared and withheld dropping some of my thoughts onto it.


I was never sure if posting my daily scribbles here would mean anything to anyone, including myself… and I still am not sure, a year later. No matter how hard I try, my honest words remain unpolished and my genuine attempts to disperse them are no less unskillful than a year ago. I am fumbling and tumbling all the time, and what for?


But every time I begin to seriously doubt if I have any business being here, I receive silent nods and verbal encouragements from someone far away from me – they have somehow gotten the water flowing towards them so they could scoop up my flowers of thoughts! And I think to myself, maybe I can keep trying a little while longer to get my honest words out by means of my genuine attempts… at least until I can get across my sincere thanks to them.


So, here I am once again tonight, to keep the water flowing and flower floating the best I can.




This one is for you, T – thank you so very much for introducing me at your site! I am not sure if I deserve it, as I am still an unpolished and unskillful tatter (and I almost never made it, you know!), but I am truly humbled by this honour. It made me renew my vow to put my honest and genuine heart in every stitch I tat!

I wish you all the best in, and look forward to, your keeping the water flowing and flowers floating in 2017… may tatting find its way to you!


4 thoughts on “Keep the water flowing and flower floating

  1. Pattern: “Star No.2” on pages 36-37 in the book “Tatting Patterns and Designs” by G.B. and E.P.
    Thread: Kingstar Multi-color by Fujix (polyester quilting thread, size #50, colour #11 – variegated white, pink, purple, and blue) – doubled for tatting
    Size: about 4 centimetres or slightly over 1 1/2 inches


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