Thoughts for My People

Sending bits of grown-up secrets!

It is a long weekend this weekend in my homeland, to celebrate the “Coming of Age” of some 1.2 million young minds who have turned twenty years old in the past year. The celebration provides an opportunity for them to return to their hometowns and get back together with school-year friends… and listen to adults go on and on about what it means to become an adult.


We, the “veteran adults,” often tell the “novice adults” about the freedom and choices they will gain once they are accepted as being adults, and the responsibilities that come with them. We often tell them about how “cannot’s” and “shall not’s” change into “will’s” and “must’s.” And we often tell them about the fastballs and curveballs and screwballs and sliders and sinkers and all other types of balls life throws at you.


But let’s be honest. How much of these advices will they take home or still remember twenty years later? And how much of the lessons we try to teach them have we ourselves not learned properly? And for the young minds becoming adults in the areas affected by the big earthquakes last April, are these not old news, for they have probably had to grow up a little faster than their peers?


So, instead of the same old “messages to the new adults” that we hear everywhere every year that get forgotten soon after they are delivered, I want to share one that has stayed with me ever since I was told it.


It did not come from any wise man, just from my big brother (I’m not being disrespectful, but we’ve done some very stupid things together that he came up with, so I must say he’s not the wisest man I know…). And it was not told to me when I legally became an adult, but when I came of age to start acting as an adult in the society, earning my own living. But it formed the foundation of what kind of an adult I want to be, and when I get stuck I always come back to it.


He gave me a little gift made of silver and told me that it must be polished frequently or it will quickly tarnish… and the same could be said of me.


When you are not yet adults, people around you will polish you for you. Maybe you find it annoying sometimes, and/or wonder if they are really polishing you… or simply staining and spoiling and scratching away at you. But once you become adults, no one will bother to polish you or bother you to polish yourself – it becomes your own responsibility to will it and make it a must, so you can remain in good condition no matter what kind of trick balls life throws at you.


I cannot show and tell how successful I have been in keeping myself polished, but I can show and tell you this:



The gift that my brother gave me many many years ago, a silver business card holder – still as spick and span and shiny as ever, you can even read the name of the sliver polish maker in the reflection. A gift for a lifetime, in many ways!


I thought I would send this bit of grown-up secret this week to my people coming of age in the quake-affected areas, and wish them all the luck and joy of the world in their future endeavours… I look forward to their bringing new light and laughter to their hometowns.


Maybe you can join me in sending some bits of grown-up secrets you have to my people coming of age?


As with all but one previous get well messages which started with sending flower power,  you need not do anything special or extraordinary. Only that, if there is something you know of being a grown-up that is so helpful but you find that too few people know about it, you would kindly share it with the “novice adults” of my people.


Maybe you can tell me about it in the comments below?


Once again, I am not asking you to go out of your way. But maybe take a stroll down memory lane to the day you came of age, and think about what secret of being a grown-up you would tell the young you to give a bright and promising outlook on future.


Thank you as always to my visitors for coming here and reading through my post(s). You inspire me and encourage me to keep polishing myself so I can come up with more and better “maybe’s” to share with you!


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