Random Thoughts

Eyeing the fuzzy

I have very poor eyesight. I have to be wearing vision correction instruments from the moment I wake up in the morning to the very last minute before I go to sleep at night just so I could get out of bed without falling off, walk without bumping into everything and eat without making a mess and tat without poking holes in my fingers, and say hello to people I know.


Bath time is always a hassle – my mother used to scold me for taking too long a time to bathe, but I need extra seconds to distinguish between shampoo and conditioner bottles, chase down the soap bar when it slips out of my hands, and check to see if I have been able to wash off all the dirt with my naked eyes!


The world is such a dangerous and scary place, my personality changes when I do not have my glasses or contact lenses on. I am more jumpy and jittery, irritated and impatient, and defensive and passive when the world around me is unclear and out of focus… that is just not me!


So, then, nothing good can come out of bad vision? Not necessarily.


There are times when I seek refuge in the blurry and vague.

Maybe when I do not wish to see what I am seeing, including some people I have trouble getting along. If anybody asks me why I did not react, I can use my poor eyesight as an excuse!

Maybe when something is too bright or obvious to look at directly. By letting them blend in with the surrounding, I can make them less difficult to acknowledge and accept.

Maybe when I want to things to remain a mystery and amuse myself with possible answers other than the seemingly correct one. I can buy time to explore a few more “maybe’s” that could turn out to be a breakthrough or new discovery no one with clear thinking could ever stumble upon.


Fuzzy logic, would you say? Well, why not?


Maybe not everything in our world is clear-cut and unmistakable.

Maybe it is not always all or nothing, true or false, or yes or no, but a little bit of all of them blended together.

Maybe what is really important and worth looking at is in the fuzzy images… if stared at long enough, maybe they will take clear shape of some sort.


If you have poor eyesight like me, do not despair – we are seeing a lot more than what those with good eyesight are seeing. And it may well be that we have been seeing the correct vision all along. (But please do secure safety if you choose to stay in the fuzzy world!)




My new glasses I got today, because I got one too many bruise of unknown origin just the other day wearing my old pair (why is it that it never hurts until you notice it, but hurts more than it should once you see it??). What will I choose to see clearly through them, and what fuzziness shall I eye with my naked eyes? Ah, so much to look forward to!


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