Thoughts for Myself

Choosing to choose

Is it true that when we are presented with too many choices, we tend to make less decisions, if any?


Maybe under certain circumstances, say researches on the psychology of choice. This so-called “paradox of choice,” in which the more freedom we get to choose, the less happy and satisfied we become, has been a somewhat elusive concept experimentally, but is probably something we have all had experience with.


Think of when you walk into a café with an extensive menu of drinks, or when you see a full spectrum of colours of shirts on display at a boutique.

Do you not get overwhelmed by the amount of pros and cons you need to weigh to eliminate all options but one, rather than get excited by the number of comparisons you get to make among all options to pick out THE one?

And when flooded with options, do you not start to think that maybe it would be better to stay away and willingly miss out on the fun and excitement that can be reaped, than to stick your nose in and be forced to deal with the confusion and frustration that entail?


Well, I am often caught in this “paradox of choice” when I am here. I know I have many options I can add to make this site fancier and attract more views, but it is just too many for me, the gravely technically- and digitally-challenged. I get scared of checking or un-checking boxes because I cannot foresee with my limited understanding of blog operation what will happen, or whether I will be able to fix, should anything happen.


But maybe my indecision to choose has penalized another’s decision to exercise their right to choose.


I was made aware last night that some precious comments that I have received may have mistakenly been categorized as spam and hidden from my attention. I believe it has something to do with these comments containing links, but I could not be absolutely sure they were not spams to approve and reply. And I am also hesitant to change settings on identifying spams from default because I have no confidence in myself to differentiate between safe and dangerous comments.


I had been thinking about what to do all day, and unfortunately, I have not yet reached a conclusion on which of the many options I have I will choose to solve this problem. But it is not my intention to keep ignoring those who have sent in comments out of kindness.


Then, maybe before I make it about choosing from many options, I have to first make it about choosing to choose… to make a conscious decision to want to remedy the situation.

Maybe it is one thing to be unable to make choices because you did not know or understand the options you had, but another to ignore options and avoid making choices when you know and understand the need to decide.


Maybe the number of options should not influence your decision-making process if your purpose for choosing is clear, because you will be choosing not by making comparisons among options but by comparing the options against the set goals.

Maybe one way we can circumvent the “paradox of choice” is by choosing to choose… upgrades to increase options? Bring them on!


If you think I am talking about you in this post, your kindness will not go unappreciated – I hope you will choose, among the many options you have, to remain hopeful that I will soon find the right options to check or un-check and reply to all your comments verified as non-spam!


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