Thoughts for My People

What else is new?

Just as I suspected – nothing new came out after such a long wait!


A certain “expert committee” announced today in my homeland a report on the discussions they have been having for the past three months or so, and just as I suspected, it was highly suggestive but nothing conclusive. It seems to lack objectivity to be a completely impartial analysis of the issue at hand, but it also has little subjectivity, as the chairperson of the committee said “I think the report is quite ‘flavourful’… what flavour it will taste like will be up to the individual readers. [my translation]”


I have not yet thoroughly reviewed the report, but from what I have read so far, nothing that had not been discussed before were discussed by the committee, so I have no reason to believe that the discussions were comprehensive or exhaustive. In fact, another member of the committee implied “there may still be points of discussion not yet raised or covered sufficiently. [my translation]”


I am in disbelief to hear such comments from the “experts.” If they cannot do any better than us laymen in digging down on the issue, and cannot give us any definitive answers but instead leave it up to us to seek one from their suggestive but inconclusive report, then what was the point of having them as “experts”? When it comes to being ambiguous, the majority of my people are “experts,” so maybe we did not need them at all?


I have repeatedly expressed my skepticism about the way we have been handling this issue, in the past and at the moment. Although the individual who is at the centre of the issue has made His stance as clearly and strongly as he possibly could, I fear that my people as a whole will remain ambiguous and indecisive about how we wish it to be resolved.


Maybe because it is thought that it composes a large portion of our identity and should not be altered haphazardly.

Maybe because it is known to have caused some major troubles which have changed the course of our history, and makes us afraid that history will repeat itself if modifications are made hastily.


Or maybe because the worst case scenario of the issue is so utterly unacceptable to even imagine, we are scared to take any measurements… even those that we instinctively feel will lead to better (and possibly the best) case scenarios.


Maybe I am thinking “not the same ol’ ambiguity again!”

I am really fed up with how we continue to avoid facing the issue head on and look only to quick fixes that only last for the short-term.


But maybe I am also thinking “there must be something totally new we have not thought of yet!”

I still have faith in my people that we can come up with a solution flexible enough to deal with potential problems that may arise in the long-term.


I want to believe that we are capable of abandoning ambiguity and arriving at last at an answer that will show just how attentively we listened to His words. So I ask to my people “what else is new?” in the hope that this question will stop us from choosing the easy way out and get us to take a hard look at the issue… a long one, if needed.


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