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Until the river runs between us

I have never wished I could tat faster or without making mistakes any more than I have in the past few days. I wished so much to complete in time the project I am currently working on, and I put aside everything else (well, except for work and scribbling here, and taking a little nap here and a nibble there, but that’s all, I swear!) so I could devote my entire time and attention to it. I tried… I really did my best… but I just did not make it on time. Oh, another one of my grand schemes gone awry!


I am so disappointed at myself. I could cry my eyes out just about now. But if I had time to get depressed and start wailing and whining, I would pick up the shuttle and tat another stitch. I think I still see a small opening in the window of opportunity, so I do not want to give up just yet. I mean, I just cannot let it go that easily, not this one!


I got started on this project early last week, when I heard from my mother that my dear great aunt was in critical condition. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer last August and was then said to have six months to live, but she had been doing fairly well all last year so we were beginning to think she would stay with us much longer… apparently, she got ready to take off on her final journey a lot quicker than we expected.


Sadly, there were nothing more we could do to keep her with us. But I thought, maybe there is something I could do to make her final journey a bit safer and perhaps more pleasant. I studied our tradition on how we send off the dead, especially on how we dress them in travel attire, all in white. One particular item caught my eyes – fingerless gloves. At the same time, I was remembering (if my memory serves me right) that my great aunt and uncle had never had a wedding ceremony.


So, then, what if I tatted a pair of white fingerless wedding gloves as a send-off gift? Maybe she would look a little fancier when she meets up with her husband on the other side, and make him fall in love with her all over again in afterlife? It gave me a chuckle imagining my great uncle, a very old-fashioned Asian man, trying to woo my great aunt, who never once dressed assertively… a brilliant idea is born, I thought!


Yeah, brilliant, if the fact that I have never tatted anything of such size and complexity could be ignored. And the idea got crazier when I decided to use a particular motif not designed to be a glove, whole or part! Together with my slow and error-ridden tatting, I should have known that the odds of completing this project in time for my great aunt’s departure were infinitesimal… *BIG SIGH*


Late last night, my mother told me she had passed away early morning the day before. The gloves? Nowhere close to completion. I had missed the chance to put them on her physically (in my culture, we typically cremate the dead after funeral, and her funeral is scheduled today).


But how about spiritually? It is generally believed in my culture that the dead are still on our side until they cross the Styx. Maybe if I can complete the gloves before she crosses over – thought to take place at the end of the first week after death – I could still get them to her somehow… not as brilliant as the original idea, but I’ll take it!


You can be sure the birth of the gloves will be announced by next Wednesday. For now, just a grey and white photo of the “embryo”:



The motif I just had to use – what a pretty one it is!


9 thoughts on “Until the river runs between us

    1. Wednesday’s the day, notewords – on the home stretch now, tatting away madly to make the deadline! I usually get bored very fast with repeating elements, but this motif gets more interesting the more I tat – it’s been a difficult project but I’m glad I decided to take it on 🙂

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  1. Pattern: “Ice Crystal” doily by G.B. and E.P.
    Thread: Daruma Home Thread by Yokota (cotton hand sewing thread, size #30, colour white)
    Size: about 14 centimetres or roughly 5 1/2 inches


    1. Sorry, Susanne – didn’t mean it to be a teaser! I just couldn’t get my thoughts collected to keep scribbling, so I took a break… I’m still quite shaken by the earlier-than-expected loss. But, the photo of the “embryo” IS a teaser, so I hope you’ll look forward to meeting the new-born gloves 😉

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