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Sending clusters of happiness and prosperity!

… Or so I tried.


It was a very beautiful “First Day of Spring” on Chinese calendar today in my town, with clear blue sky and warm rays of sunshine, so I thought I would go out for a walk to find some hint of spring in the air.


I was looking in particular for what we call “flowers of happiness and prosperity.” It is said we call them so because they come into bloom around Chinese New Year and are thought to be very festive and celebratory. They are little yellow flowers that come out only slightly above the ground, so you could easily miss them if you do not look particularly for them, but when you catch sight of them, often growing in clusters, it really does make you feel happy and prosperous!


Well, I walked around all day, but I was only partly successful. The best I could find was this:




I found this pretty little adonis at this garden. It jumped into my eyes the moment I walked through the gates, being one of the largest I have seen and in full bloom. It got my hopes up in finding some more as I walked around the premises… but this turned out to be the only one. I even asked the gardener if there were no other – she told me they had planted a cluster but this was the only one that had come out, and she could not figure out why.


It did make me feel happy to find it, but being all alone, it did not make me feel prosperous. So I went to a couple other gardens in the vicinity to see if I could find some friends for it… nope, nada, absolutely nothing!


So, did I come home practically empty-handed? No, not quite!


As I was heading back home disheartened, I noticed a new craft store had opened in my neighbourhood, so I decided to take a look around. A particular beads craft kit jumped into my eyes the moment I walked through the doors, which became this:



A sachet with adonis motifs! (I hadn’t done much beadwork lately so it took a while to finish it up… sorry to have kept you waiting!)


Now the adonis I found at the garden is not alone any more, yay! It is still far from being a cluster, but it got my hopes up in finding some more “flowers of happiness and prosperity” as I scribble in this post… just because happiness and prosperity is hardly visible right now does not mean they will never turn up.


Maybe they will come in shapes and forms different than imagined.

And maybe they can come from places and at times never expected.

But maybe by keeping an eye out for them, there will come a moment when they will jump into the eyes.


So, maybe this week, you can join me in creating a cluster of happiness and prosperity to send to my people affected by the big earthquakes last April, who may have difficulties visualizing them at this moment?


As with all but one previous get well messages which started with sending flower power, nothing special or extraordinary is required. Only that, if you have had an experience stumbling across unimagined or unexpected happiness and prosperity, you would kindly share it with my people.


Maybe you can let your story bloom in the comments below?


Once again, you need not go out of your way. No epic tale is requested, just everyday, garden-variety anecdotes. They may be easily overlooked by themselves, but in clusters, they will surely look golden!


Thank you to all my visitors, old and new, for taking the time to read through my post(s). I am always grateful for your keeping an eye out for my hardly visible scribbles. I know they are not attractive like roses or elegant like lilies, but I hope there are moments when they appear pretty like adonis and surprise you with a bit of happiness and prosperity!


4 thoughts on “Sending clusters of happiness and prosperity!

    1. Thank you, notewords – it gave me quite a headache understanding the instructions, but its charming appearance relieved all the pain 😀 Hopefully, I won’t have as much hard time finding the right scent to carry in it!

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