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A beautiful world to see

I received an extremely exciting news this weekend – my cousin gave birth to a healthy baby boy!! We were all keeping our fingers crossed during her pregnancy because she has had a number of miscarriages in the past, but this time the baby grew well (almost too well, as he was born at a weight of about a one-month-old!) and we are most relieved to finally be able to welcome him into our family.


I already have high hopes for this very young man.

Maybe he will be smart and successful in sciences like his mommy, my cousin.

Maybe he will be a musician like his daddy but entertain a much bigger crowd.

Maybe he will continue to grow big and tall and become a star sports player.

Maybe he will fly around the world (or even out into space?!) like my brother, or will strive to be well-acquainted with his roots like me but only better.


Oh, the myriad of possibilities he has!


But as I became all dreamy about his unlimited potentials, I also became dreary of all the chances we may be taking away from him watching the evening news.

Maybe schools will not let him to grow intellectually and emotionally with too much cramming and bullying.

Maybe the social divides we see today will deepen and big crowds will not gather in fear of terror attacks.

Maybe the environment will be too polluted and damaged to allow him to grow big and tall.

Maybe there will be restrictions on where he can go and what cultural beliefs and values he can uphold.


Is it just me, or did it used to seem better when we were growing up? Did the world not appear more beautiful to our innocent eyes?


Maybe the grown-ups created for us a beautiful world to see back then, and maybe it is now my turn to try creating a beautiful world to see for this very young man’s eyes.

Maybe I can show him the beauty in thinking for oneself and choosing compassion over aggression.

Maybe I can show him the beauty in unity and solidarity to overcome fear and be freed from perpetuating terror all around.

Maybe I can show him the beauty in the wonders of nature near and far and our concerted efforts to keep the magic alive.

Maybe I can show him the beauty in respecting one another’s dignity and worth and the depth and width it adds to every interaction we have with each other and with ourselves.


Maybe the world is not all beautiful, but I still wish to present as beautiful a world as possible to see to a dear little boy who chose me and my family to show him the world. I shall do my absolute best, so that when you become my age, you will wish to do the same for the next generation of our clan. May your sight be filled with a beautiful world to see!


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