Random Thoughts

Changing to stay the same

He’s done it again!


At the same venue he won last year, one of my favourite countrymen athletes came out a winner once again this weekend. He came into this tournament much the same way he did last year, having had an abysmal time the week before. And his plays this week were by large the same as last year, not having his best game. But, he survived a grueling match that took the same course as last year for him to be the one smiling in the end.


At a glance and on the surface, everything looked the same as last year – everything happened like a replay of last year’s event, I could probably copy and paste last year’s post and get away with it!


But taking a closer look deep down into what was happening inside him, I saw a ton of changes from last year – so much so that I am amazed he was able to reproduce the exact same result.


After winning this tournament last year, he appeared to go into a slump. Becoming frustrated with his own play, he made a move mid-season to change it from the very core. There was a stretch of time when every change he made seemed to backfire on him, eating away at his ranking as well as his self-confidence. But he strongly believed he needed to change now if he was going to keep the same goals he set to attain when he first began playing.


In time, his efforts to change to stay the same started to bear fruits and pay dividends… in chunks! He still believes there are many more changes he needs to make, and he will give the same answer “I’m not playing at my best” every time he is asked how he thinks of his own play. But he is obtaining some very impressive results, and with them, I am seeing changes in his ranking as well as his self-confidence – they are both back on the rise!


Maybe it sounds paradoxical to change to stay the same.

Maybe it becomes more difficult to change the more you wish to stay the same.

But maybe everything else around you changes constantly, and you must change along them if you are to maintain the same position amidst them.

And maybe paths to success open up only to those who are able to perceive this principle of relativity.


I heard him say in an interview that, when he decided to make changes, the one clear image he had of how he wanted to change was a perfect play he made on his road to victory at this tournament last year. Maybe it is quite fitting that he won again at this venue… he has successfully undergone change to stay the same!


It all looked the same this year as it did last year, but growth was clearly evident in his play and in his mindset. So, I am going to give him the same congratulatory words as I did last year, with hopes that he will continue to change to stay the same – WELL DONE, again!!!


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