Random Thoughts

Soften up with age

Sometimes I get hung up on the finest details of things and cannot stop thinking about them – the details no one else is interested in exploring further, or do not find important enough to take time to think about. But the three-year-old in me gets awaken and my head quickly becomes filled with one “why?” after another.


Yesterday was one of these sometimes. I was reading a news article on a European monarch celebrating Her sixty-five years on throne, and learned that this milestone anniversary is called the “sapphire jubilee.” Anyone else would probably have thanked Her for serving for such a long time, and go on to the next news. But me, nooo! I got stuck on and I could not let go of this one detail… why sapphire?


So I started researching the relationship between the number sixty-five and sapphire, and before I could find plausible answers, I had a couple more questions… why do anniversary celebrations have gemstones and precious metals intermixed as prefixes, and why does sapphire come before platinum (a precious metal representing the seventieth anniversary) but after diamond (a gemstone representing the sixtieth anniversary)?


Well, it was impossible to get to the bottom of it all in just one night – I got side-tracked by the wondrous world of mineralogy and metallurgy (studies of chemical and physical properties of minerals and metals, respectively), which lead me further astray into the fascinating field of jewelry production. Oh, the dangers of the never-ending chain of why’s!!


But, I do believe I now have a good base on which to build my own little theory on the sapphire mystery.


Maybe the gemstones and precious metals crowning the anniversary celebrations were chosen for possessing both desirability and durability.

Maybe they represent the allure of royalty that is never lost and symbolize the adoration many of us continue to have for them.


And maybe they signify that, achieving the most brilliant and solid – diamond – status is not the end… maybe sapphires and platinum are less in brightness and hardness, but maybe they are signs of maturity.

Maybe they are indication that they are more easily scratched, but they have allowed themselves to soften up with age so that others can make impressions on them without lessening their intrinsic value.


I know, I am just dabbling. And I still have not come close to the answer to the original question, why sapphire?


But the three-year-old in me is okay with not being able to find the answer to everything, unlike a real three-year-old. I am not so rigid to be confined to clear-cut, hard evidence. I can live with some mysteries left unsolved… and let myself come back to them whenever I find new fine details to question. I can even enjoy getting actively side-tracked into wondrous worlds and fascinating fields extending beyond them.


Ah, the delight of the never-ending chain of why’s – maybe I have become softened by them with age myself. Happy sapphire jubilee to the three-year-old reigning in me!


And of course, happy sapphire jubilee to Her Majesty who woke up the three-year-old in me… I wish you many more happy and healthy years on throne!


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