Thoughts for My People

Sending imaginative interior designs to lighten up the room!

As today is the day to think about the makings of the nation, I spent it getting to know one of its foundations – India ink painting. I went to see an interesting exhibit of India ink paintings by arts college students here:




It is a tea room, built originally in the 17th century as a temple library, relocated to the museum area of my town for preservation purposes. It is famous for having India ink paintings on its walls and doors by a renowned India ink painter in my homeland.



Walls with a tall pine tree extending within and beyond (this photo was taken on another occasion)


The theme of the exhibit was to display artworks that matched these paintings. For example…




… a pine needle which seems to have fallen off from the tall pine tree in the above photo, and…




… a pair of plum trees, with red and white blossoms (sorry the photo does not show it too well), resembling those on the sliding doors at the far back, and…




… big brother ducks on the wall flying down to come and get their little brother duckling in the student painting they had left behind.


These were well matched, but in my opinion, too straight-forward. My pick of the day is this:




A pond painted by a student, to complement the birds on the doors in the back, standing on a shore which you normally have to imagine because it is not drawn in on the doors – how imaginative is this!


I should note that these are my own interpretations… I do not know whether the paintings were intended to be seen the way I did. But I had a lot of fun imagining what the students were imaging when they were painting – they did a really good job stimulating my imagination!


One of the things I notice repeatedly when I watch the news on my people affected by the big earthquakes last April is the bleakness of their new homes. Maybe they did not get to take everything with them from their damaged homes, and maybe they do not have the time or money or will to decorate because the homes are only temporary.


But seeing today’s exhibit, I now believe that even simple black-and-white paintings (maybe with a bit of colour here and there) can greatly lighten up the room. And once you get your imagination going, I do not think it will not take too much time or money or will to get the room imaginatively decorated. Is this not a good gift to send this week?


So, maybe you can join me in sending imaginative interior designs to my people?


As with all but one previous get well messages which started with sending flower power,  you need not do anything special or extraordinary. Only that, if you have a good idea on how to lighten up the room quick and cheap and with little effort, you would kindly share it with my people.


Maybe you can take a snapshot of your imaginative interior design and post it on your site?

And maybe you can let me know by leaving a comment?


Once again, no need to go out of your way. Quick, cheap, and with little effort are the keywords. With a sprinkle of imagination, I am sure they will lighten up the room – and the hearts – in no time!


Thank you to all of you who stops by to read through my post(s) and give me likes and comments… they lighten up this very simple-looking blog, and your every view lighten up my heart. I should note that you are all very good at stimulating my imagination!


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