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Whispers over roars

I found out that today is a “day to listen to angels’ whispers” in a town in the far north region of my homeland. “Angels’ whispers” refer to diamond dusts, a meteorological phenomenon where tiny ice crystals form clouds near ground-level and produce glitters as sunlight passes through them.


I thought “diamond dust” was a pretty enough name, but calling it “angels’ whispers” captures quite well the miraculous and heavenly spectacle that is rarely witnessed outside of arctic / Antarctic regions, does it not? I have always been interested in catching sight of one before I die, but this expression makes me want to experience it with all my senses when I get the chance to!


The day, though, actually has nothing to do with diamond dusts – it is simply a day to commemorate the lowest temperature in my homeland being recorded in this town, apparently in the year I was born… hooray! But although the record is generally accepted, it remains unofficial, as it was not recorded by the weather authorities… bummer!


And today, in my town, we had another meteorological phenomenon that had nothing to do with diamond dusts. I felt like calling it “devils’ roars,” as it was not at all serene or tranquil like “angels’ whispers.” We had the first gust of the year from the south between the First Day of Spring and spring equinox, and it wreaked havoc all over!


But, it already has a name. It is called the “first of spring,” and as much as we hate having things blown off and knocked down in every which way, we welcome it with much fondness, as we see it as one of the best seasonal references that tells us spring is just around the corner.


Then, maybe I should not give it a hellish title in momentary spite for messing up my hair and blinding me with not-so-diamond dusts.

Maybe I should not let every evil gust that blows my way raise hair in fear or turn a blind eye in disgust.

Maybe I should keep in mind that gusts cannot continue to blow at the same force so I can avoid walking into one at full strength unnecessarily.


Maybe if I do not allow the gusts to devilishly erode my patience, I can find some angelic peace settle within me.

Maybe if I can keep reminding myself of this, a field full of kindness and acceptance glittering everywhere will be just around the corner to witness.


What a spectacle that would be… I would want to take it in with all my senses the moment I come across it, hopefully before I die.


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