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With all the might

A little while ago, I set out here to find a perfect edging for a handkerchief and thread colours that perfectly fit the image of the person I thought of giving it to.


It was a long and difficult journey. I must have tried out at least a couple of dozens of patterns, but none of them felt perfect. They either did not go well with the scalloped edge or the embroidery motifs of the hanky, or did not turn out to be what I had imagined when I placed them around the hanky. I tried to come up with one of my own, but I soon had to give up… my creativity had given up on me long ago!


There was, however, one pattern that I had considered twice, and dismissed twice – first time because it ruffled quite a bit and had to be stretched to match the curves of the hanky edge, and second time because it required a few adjustments to make it work and I was not sure if I could make them. But when I came back to it the third time, I knew it was the one, or there would be no one.


And so began my struggle with fiddling with an already perfectly pretty pattern. It was one failure after another at the beginning.

Maybe because I still had doubts about this pattern – maybe if I search some more, there will be a pattern that will require no adjustments… but how much more?

Maybe because I did not have the confidence that I could make the necessary adjustments – forget creativity, maybe I my fingers and brain have given up on me as well!


Or maybe because I was so consumed by making the edging perfect that I had misplaced my original intention – was it not for celebrating a milestone birthday of a dear one?


The moment I remembered this, I realized I had been pouring all my might in the wrong cause. It was not the edging that I needed to make perfectly pretty, it was my goodwill that I needed to keep perfectly pure. And from here on, I thought only of trying with all my might to put a perfect smile on the face of the dear one when she receives this gift.



And so, this is how it all came out:




It is by no means a perfect craftwork – the adjustments I made still required a little tug here and some squishing there, I have some lackadaisically gaping rings (maybe you see a few in the photo), and my sewing displays, in a way, the most creativity I have ever shown! It is not exactly how I wanted it to turn out, but I am mighty proud that I gave it all my might.


Hmm… maybe this is the perfect ending to this long and difficult project that I could ever have wanted.

Now, I shall keep my fingers crossed that it will be able to get a perfect smile from the recipient…


A last note: One of the first things that put a perfect smile on my face was the cute bunny M. drawn by the mighty Dutch children’s literature artist D.B. I shed my tears with her today as I say good-bye to you… RIP.


3 thoughts on “With all the might

    1. Aw, how nice of you to say so, notewords – it took some time before I decided on this pattern, but it grew on me as I tatted along, and I feel it grew mighty well on the hanky 🙂 And the thread colours (sorry, I had the wrong information below – it’s corrected now) are so pleasant to see, just like the intended receiver… xxx!

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  1. Pattern: “Betsy’s Downfall” by M.K. (inner rings and corners arranged to fit the hanky)
    Thread: Lizbeth by Handy Hands (cotton lace thread, size #80, colour #164 “Blue River Glades” – variegated dark, medium and light fern green, dark, medium and light river blue)
    Size: handkerchief about 28 by 28 centimetres (roughly 11 by 11 inches); about 31 by 31 centimetres with edging (roughly 12 by 12 inches); 21.5 repeats on each side plus 1.5 arranged repeats at each corner


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