Thoughts for No One in Particular

Bravo, spring! Grazie, lazy day!

It is a long weekend this weekend in my homeland, with the Spring Equinox being a holiday. We had very nice spring weather on all three days… which meant lots and lots of people going out and seeing big crowds everywhere. What is it with springtime, making people more outgoing for no particular reason?!


Sorry if I sound bitter… I still do not feel I have fully awaken from my “hibernation,” so I am unable to appreciate the madly jolly atmosphere outside. I am feeling more than a little dreary of the fast-approaching cherry blossom season… EEK!


But, maybe spring is having second thoughts as well this year – the weather forecast says it is still timid about coming early, so wintry weather will return tomorrow and stay for a while longer. Would you say I am self-centred if I told you that I am thinking maybe spring is delaying its arrival until I can bring myself to enjoy it?


Well, I guess I will never fully understand what does or does not motivate spring to come. But we actually had a good time together today, as I chose to stay home and sit by the window, feeling spring quietly curl up right beside me and keep me warm. We had quite a lazy day, doing nothing at all. We only watched the sun rise from due east and set in due west, all the while listening to the birds twitter, smelling sweet flowery fragrance in the air gentle breeze carried, and dosing off on and off dreaming of better days to come.


Oh, now that I have written out what we did today, maybe it was a lot more productive than I thought!


It is not so often that we are able to take time out of our busy lives to appreciate the simple beauty and joy in the nothing’s that surround us. Maybe it is not such a bad idea to break away from the crowd that grows ever so noisier and the world that to spins ever so faster. And maybe the best lazy days are available in springtime, to let you take a deep breath before you go on to let sprouts bud and flowers bloom.


I had a very nice lazy Spring Equinox today, procrastinating productively (not an oxymoron, I tell you!), and because of it, I think I am a step closer to waking from my lazy slumber. Bravo, spring! Grazie, lazy day!


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