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What would have been the March 2, 2017 post: Back to square one

Changes are difficult to observe when they are subtle and gradual. They are especially difficult if you are in any way affected by them while making observation. So, then, changes within you must be one of the most difficult to observe.


But not impossible, I think. For example, if you can set a reference point, you can observe changes by measuring how much you have moved towards or away from it. And one such point I find useful is “square one.”


Here is my “square one” in my tatting:




I wanted to tat this piece on this day, because it was two years ago around this time that I took up tatting by tatting this pattern, and it made me wonder how much my tatting has changed – progressed. What do you think – how far have I come from this?


I believe that progress from my first ever tatting is quite clear. (It is nothing but embarrassment to keep it on display, but I suppose that also is part of getting back to square one… I must continue to try improving so I will never tat like that!) But how about progress from last year’s?


Well, maybe it does not all show in the photo, but I saw signs of progress this year as well.

Maybe in the choice of thread – I have added colour to the piece to give it a merrier look, and ventured with a new type of thread (you have already seen it being used here, but this was actually tatted before).

Maybe in tatting technique – I tatted quite comfortably the chains in this piece unreversed and unflipped, a skill I was not too confident with a year ago.

Maybe in my level of boredom – I get easily bored tatting simple repeated elements, but I finished it up before I got bored.


And maybe most certainly, my love for tatting – I am continuing to enjoy tatting more than ever. Tatting started out as a pastime I picked up to replace another, and it has done a superb job filling the void in my heart.


Hmm, maybe getting back to square one once in a while not only lets you see how far you have come, it allows you to check if you are on the right track and headed in the right direction by reminding you of what you set out to accomplish.


In addition, I am thinking that maybe getting back to square one lets you see new tracks you did not see before. Last year, I gradually returned to the pastime that tatting replaced, but I have found a way to keep them both… I am now able to allocate enough time and money to each without straining the other, and have every intention of staying on this new track I have discovered!


As I make this post on March 23, 2017, my people are shaken by the news that a country whose leader once promised to keep aiming for a world without nuclear weapons are now set to reassess whether or not it is “a realistic goal.” To us, nuclear disarmament is our “square one” to peace – it is not a matter of whether or not it is a realistic goal, it is a matter of finding realistic ways to make sure it becomes realized, so that no one ever suffers like we did, and still do. If in doubt, please come visit us here and here, and maybe new answers to keep the promise will be found.


One thought on “What would have been the March 2, 2017 post: Back to square one

  1. Pattern: “Tatting Lace Doily” from Clover Petits Travaux Manuels tatting kit
    Thread: Sulky Cotton by Gütermann (cotton embroidery thread, size #30, colour #4103 – variegated white, pink, purple, green, and yellow), doubled for tatting
    Size: about 5.5 centimetres or slightly over 2 inches


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