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Will not stop trying

What will I not stop trying? This!




I began thinking of trying this a few months ago. I had a very good image of how I wanted it to turn out, but to my knowledge, I have never seen it done before, so I had to plan it carefully. There were three steps I tried anew: one, to make the object to add edging ready to be edged; two, to add tat edging onto it; and three, to make it into a size that would allow safe storage.


But no matter how well I planned it out, my tries were not good enough – nothing worked out quite how I imagined.


First of failures came when I was making the object to add edging ready to be edged. They were eight separate strips of papers that I wanted to preserve as one, so I came up with the idea to laminate them together. Good idea, I thought, but the strips each had a mind of their own… when I completed laminating, I saw that a few of them had moved out of position! And when I cut off all the extra plastic to make it into the size I needed it to be, I had cut too close to the edge of the strips that the lamination was no longer air-tight. *BIG SIGH*


Second of failures came when I was tatting the edging onto it… or so I tried. I had originally planned to tat the edging on directly, but the laminated papers were too unwilling to bend – a good thing for the purpose of preservation, but not so much for tatting, as it did not allow my hands and the shuttle to get into good position. After a few repeats, I had to give up trying to tat it on directly… which meant it had to be added on with my horrendous sewing! ARGH!!


The third of failures came when I was making the final product into a size that would allow safe storage. Actually, it went as planned – although the edging gets a bit stretched out, I got it to fold just as I wanted it to. But when I put it in the place I wanted to keep it, this is what happened…




“NOOOOoooo!!!!!!!!” I screamed out loud in the middle of the night (sorry if I woke you up, neighbours!).


Maybe I could have planned it out better.

Maybe I could have rechecked my calculations and allowed room for mistakes just in case.

Maybe I could have prepared better, doing a couple of test takes before I “went live.”

Maybe I could have cut off this edging and put on another that would it keep all its parts within its confines.


Maybe. But even after I admitted to failures, I did not stop trying to make the best out of it. It is not exactly how I wished it to turn out, but it is much more than not trying at all. And although I am satisfied with it, I am also motivated to try it again if opportunity presents itself. I will not stop trying until I get it right, and even after that, I will keep trying to make it even better!


Enough with the teases, show me the “it,” you say? Well, here it is:




The complete set of verses of a sacred chant praying for world peace, with “Faith, Hope and Charity” edging around it (now you know why I could never think of cutting this edging off… it’s too perfect a match!) Now, I can always keep it fresh in my mind and close to my heart, just as I wanted.


From right to left, it reads:

“Bring peace to the world,” (where)

The sun and the moon shine pure and bright,

Wind blows and rain falls when the time is right,

No disasters or illnesses ever befall,

Nations prosper and their people are enriched,

Neither soldiers nor weapons are needed,

People appreciate the virtues of others and commit to loving and cherishing them,

Making effort to be respectful of and giving to one another.” [my translation]


I rushed to get it done, so I could send this prayer to the people of London in the wake of a terrorist attack. Let us never ever stop trying to bring peace to this world.


4 thoughts on “Will not stop trying

  1. Pattern: “Faith, Hope and Charity” by M.K.
    Thread: Lizbeth by Handy Hands (cotton lace thread, size #80, colour #138 “Leafy Greens” – variegated medium leaf green, pine green, medium olive, light leaf green)
    Size: laminated chant verses about 12.5 by 37.5 centimetres (roughly 5 by 14 3/4 inches); about 15.5 by 40.5 centimetres with edging (6 1/4 by 16 inches); 16 repeats each on the short side, 46 repeats each on the long side


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