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Sending guardians of your dream homes!

When I woke up this morning, I had a hunch that maybe something dear to me is in danger. So I jumped out of bed, got dressed as fast as I could, and ran out the door to rush to this:



My dream home!


I went all the way around to see if anything had happened… but all I found were some early cherry blossoms blooming. PHEW!


But just as I was about to turn away, I noticed a married couple standing in front of the house and taking the time to check it out rather thoroughly (can you make them out in the photo?). And I thought, maybe they too felt it was their dream home? Maybe they are my potential competition?!


My dream home IS in danger, of falling into the wrong hands (by my standard, that is – I am not implying in any way that my competition are bad people)! I was starting to panic. What should I do, scare them away or persuade them to find another??


And that is when I heard a “psst!” from behind. I turned around and saw a fancy-feathered but feisty little one:



White heron: “As long as I’m on guard, no one will take your dream home away from you… so leave everything to me and go have a bowl of tea inside!”


I watched him trot around for a while and I knew I could trust him. He was doing an excellent job keeping a close eye on my dream home! So, feeling truly relieved this time, I went inside the house and had a nice bowl of tea, just as he suggested.




Ah, my mind is calm and quiet once again… but it is still fairly early in the morning and I have no plan for the rest of the day. What should I do, go home and sleep or look for something to do around here??


Well, as I scanned across, I found a brochure for the latest exhibit at the library / museum that is a part of this garden:



The dream home (castle) of my people affected by the big earthquakes last April!


Sorry, no photos were allowed, but maybe that was for the better – the newest photos of the castle placed side by side with photos taken just before the earthquakes were utterly heartbreaking and I would not have been able to post them here. But the exhibit also showed that, whenever it fell down, it always got back up again over its 400 years of history. And each time, there were many many “guards” who kept their eyes on it so it would not be taken away, not even by disasters.


I found out that you can be this “guard” – by making a certain amount of donation to the castle rebuilding fund, you can become its “joint lord for restoration,” allowing you to keep a close eye on the restorative work even from afar. I fully intend to send in my application first thing next Monday!


I could not be sure if the title would be available equally to international donors, so do not send your applications just yet. But in the meantime, maybe you can send stories of guards of your dream home to my people?


As with all but one previous get well messages which started with sending flower power, you need not do anything special or extraordinary. Only that, if there is/are reliable guard(s) of your dream home, you would kindly tell my people all about what an excellent job they are doing keeping home from being taken away.


Maybe you can tell me about the guard(s) of your dream home in the comments below?


Once again, you should not go out of your way – maybe all you will need to do is look inside you, because you are the best guard of your dream home.


Thank you to all my visitors, first-timers and repeaters alike, for swinging by to read through my post(s). Maybe you do not realize it, but you have been doing an excellent job keeping your eyes on my virtual dream home here. You motivate me to not let it disappear without putting up a fight!


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