Thoughts for No One in Particular

Which makes which?

Does the position make the person, or the person makes the position?


Over the past couple of weeks, two persons in distinguished positions have been repeatedly picked up in the news in my homeland. One is an athlete playing our national sport, and another a wife of a high-ranked public figure.


The former had recently been promoted to join three others at the top-rank position, after failing to do so five times. In each of the five failed times he had the chance, it seemed like he got nervous and choked, so we remained a little skeptical – some even doubtful – that this tendency will be broken the sixth time. We continued to be wary of his jitters even after the promotion and prayed that the pressure of the new position will not break him.


But, in the first tournament held after promotion in the past couple of weeks, he has shown we no longer need to worry about his mental weakness. It appears he has grown into the position quite comfortably, and his pride and confidence being a top-rank athlete are shining through his plays. I think, for him, the position has made him realize his true potential.


The latter has recently been attracting much attention in a nation-wide debate about whether or not she can exert political influence as the “partner of a public figure.” This title is commonly viewed as non-public one in my homeland, so she has no official title that would allow her to mobilize public resources at her direct command. Nevertheless, the title does have a strong public impact on the people’s mind, and we cannot dismiss the possibility of a person in this position having some kind of influence.


Women in this position before her has never really been questioned, because (for better or for worse, I cannot be sure) they remained quiet for the most part and the title was virtually non-existent. But she is quite an active lady, and she makes many public appearances as the “partner of a public figure.” I think, for her, the person that she is has created the position where she could best be herself. Unfortunately, though, this position she has made for herself as grown suspicion in the past couple of weeks that she may actually have exerted political influence.


Watching these two being the news, I am beginning to think that maybe it does not really matter which makes which, the position or the person.

Maybe it is far more important that there is no discrepancy between the two – that the person has, or grow to have, the necessary and sufficient skills, as well as the right mindset, to act accordingly to the position gained.


And maybe the converse is also true.

Maybe so long as you work towards resolving the discrepancy between the person that you are and the position that you are in, it will not matter which changes which.

Maybe if you are hesitant to take on a position because you do not feel ready for it, you can change yourself; and if you are worried that the position you are in will make you into a person you are not, you can change the position to suit you best, or change the position altogether.


Life is full of possibilities and the choices are all yours, so make the best of it!


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