Thoughts for No One in Particular

What would have been the March 8, 2017 post: Clearer than seeing a flame

“Liar, liar, pants on fire!”


I am quite sure you have used this phrase in your childhood, for example, when your parents broke the promise to take you to the zoo, or when your friends told you that a certain bearded old man in red suit does not really exist. If it were true that every liar’s pants will be on fire, I would imagine there will be very few pairs of pants left unburnt in this world… and mine would be no exception. Thank goodness it is just an expression!


We have a similar phrase in my mother tongue, “have your bum (set) on fire.” It is used, for example, like this: “why won’t you do your homework until you have your bum on fire?” or “they finally began to get ready after having their bums set on fire.” It is an expression to taunt someone for having to scramble because they waited until the last moment to take actions. Again, I would imagine a large number of bums in this world, including my own, will need to be set on fire if it were the only way to get us up and moving. I could not be happier to know that there are much safer ways to motivate ourselves!


But boy, how I love to imagine liar’s pants and lazy bums on fire sometimes! I am not a pyromaniac so I will not actually set them on fire, but there are times it takes more than patience and tolerance to listen to cheap fabrications and lame excuses! Maybe the only way to get them to see the evilness in their untruthfulness and indifference is by getting burned by them?


No, that probably will not work… it is highly likely that their pants are too think and bums too insensitive to feel the heat. Maybe it will only get them to cover it up with more fabrications and excuses, or they will claim it is a new trend to have pants and bums on fire. I can only imagine the fire backfiring and burning me.


So, then, are there nothing we can do about vicious lies and venomous reluctance? Not even when it is “clearer than seeing a flame” – an expression in my mother tongue for something indubitably obvious; anyone seeing a flame will know for sure that something is on fire, so anything clearer than that must be beyond doubt – that they are tearing away and crushing everything we have worked hard to build?


Maybe we can keep our flame of conscience and goodwill burning.

Maybe this flame is so pure and bright, they will see they cannot fight this fire with their fire.

And maybe they will stop playing with fire altogether.


As I make this post on March 29, 2017, the polar bear in me is deeply disappointed to see one of the biggest sources of greenhouse effect gas emission in this world call climate change a lie and show reluctance to protect the environment from further damages from human activities. Let us make it “clearer than seeing a flame” that they will “have their bum set on fire” by the rest of the world to pay their fair share for a cleaner and greener world for all of us… or we will be screaming “liar, liar, pants on fire!” for breaking a global promise.


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