Thoughts for No One in Particular

What would have been the March 10, 2017 post: Ready when you are

There is a mini-bus that goes around a small area in my neighbourhood that I get on from time to time. Its fee is half of that of regular buses, but it only goes one way and comes every twenty minutes, so I have to weigh the pros and cons carefully when considering getting on it.


But there is one factor that always tips me over to the pro side. When the bus announces the next stop, it sometimes advertises nearby facilities – schools, hospitals, gardens, subway stations… and at a couple of stops before my place, a match-making agency that is advertised like this: “when you feel you want to get married, that’s the right time for you to find a partner… we’re ready when you are.”


I do not think I will be consulting them any time soon, but I love listening to their ad.

Maybe because it is not too pushy about marriage, which has traditionally been thought of as a rite of passage you must go through in order to be accepted as an adult in my culture.

Maybe because it sounds accepting of your values and beliefs, even if they are different from those commonly held by the majority (willingly or not).

Maybe because it seems respectful of your autonomy, letting you choose in your own time, but at the same time not refusing of giving help if asked.


I find it extremely comforting to know that you can live your life whichever way you like without having others’ intentions interfering, but still have guidance and support readily available if and when you feel the need.


Ever since experiencing a sudden attack of a “scribbler’s choke” that made me disappear from here from February 23rd, I had the part of me wanting to come back rushing the part of me scared to come back to start scribbling again, only to make the latter more adamantly hesitant of scribbling.


But on the eve of March 10th, the former said to the latter “ready when you are.” And that was the factor that finally tipped me over to the pro side, allowing me to resurface here the following day.


As I make this last post in catching up on the lost time during my disappearing act on March 31, 2017, I am still feeling the aftereffects of the “scribbler’s choke” – the scared part of me is still substantially present. But it is no longer feeling pressured, for it knows the other part of me will acknowledge the fears it is feeling and provide guidance and support working them out, whenever asked.


If you are currently feeling rushed to do something, maybe you can tell yourself “ready when you are.” And maybe you will not mistake when the right time will be to get going.


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