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Mixing it up

I am not very good with colours. I can never be sure which colours go well together, so I tend to do one of three things: a) to do monotone or gradation of one colour; b) to choose colours like black or navy or grey that would go well with any colour, and combine they with, well, any colour; or c) to go with ready-made combinations or mix of colours that others have chosen for me. Works well every time!


But sometimes I find myself to be quite a boring person not being able to be naturally colourful. And not just boring, but possibly a wuss…

Maybe when I go monotone, I am feeling scared of mixing it up with others.

Maybe when I choose colours that would go well with any other, I am consciously avoiding clashing with others.

Maybe when I go with ready-made colour combos, I have given up on arguing for myself by letting my colours shine through.


Can I never be courageous and venture with colours… and myself? Let’s see, I thought, when I sat down to tat some more cherry blossoms tonight. I began with a monotone blossom.




Pretty pink, just like a real one. But too plain and boring! So I mixed the pink thread with a couple of other colours:




Oops, they are too assertive and the pink got overpowered! Maybe I should try lighter colours like these two:




Hang on a minute, they look somehow familiar…




Darn it, they have already been proven to go well! Then, how about this?




Hmm, it looks yummy for some reason… I know, its reminds me of these!


Oh, being courageous is hard and venturing is laborious. But I must say, mixing it up to find colour combinations that work has been a lot of fun – I feel a little less boring and wussy!


Maybe if done in constructive ways, mixing it up with people around me would be fun as well.


I pray that people around me will find it far more pleasant to mix it up in constructive, not destructive, ways. How can we constructively and courageously mix this one up?



For the victims of the subway bomb attack in St. Petersburg


One thought on “Mixing it up

  1. Pattern: “Celtic 4 leaf Clover” by R.P. arranged to have a fifth leaf
    Thread: Fine by Fujix (polyester hand sewing thread, size #40, colours [monotone] #324 – pink (doubled); [overpowered, left to right] pink with #146 – coral pink and #36 – lavender; [already done before, left to right] pink with #22 – lemon yellow and #206 – sky blue; [yummy] pink with #355 – aquamarine); Tatting Lace Yarn “Monochrome” by Olympus (cotton lace thread, size “Thin,” colour #T108 – light lavender)
    Size: all about 2.5 centimetres or roughly 1 inch


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