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Win some, lose some

I did not get to take the entire day off, as I had wished to yesterday. But I did get to leave work a little early to take a short walk under, and above, the cherry blossoms in full bloom.



Cherry blossoms from under – can you see that the bridge in the background also has cherry blossoms in its railing motifs?



Cherry blossoms from above – ah, this must be how the Gods enjoy them from the Heavens!


It was much sunnier and the sky was bluer in the morning, so I could have taken better photos if I got to take the entire day off. But the wind was blowing strong when I finally got off, and the forecast said it would rain overnight, so most of the petals may be lost by tomorrow. Then, I would have missed out on seeing cherry blossoms in bloom altogether this season, so I should be glad that I got to leave work a little early. Oh, well, you can’t have it all!


And apparently, the cherry blossoms could not have it all either this season. Remember the weeping cherry tree in my backyard (well, almost)? The gardeners say it has much less flowers at the top this year… and I think they could be right, comparing with the photo from last year:




Hmm, maybe it is nature’s way that you cannot have it all.

Maybe there are times you fail no matter how hard you try to succeed, because it just was not meant to be.

But maybe, it is also nature’s way to let you win some while you lose some.

Maybe there still is something in the losses that you can take away as wins.


As I was heading home, I found this tip of cherry tree falling on the ground.




It probably got broken off from its parent tree by a stroke of strong wind.

Sorry for the loss, but there is nothing I can do about it, I thought. But just I was about to walk away, my eyes caught sight of a couple of buds on it, yet to bloom. And the next thing I know, I was picking it up and bringing it home.


Maybe I will take away a win from this loss if I succeed in seeing these buds bloom?

I have never tried it before, so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!


***April 7, 2017 Addendum***


Look what I woke up to the following morning:



The buds have woken up, too… I won some!


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