Thoughts for My People

Sending treat after treat after treat!

Flower Festival,” or the celebration for the birth of Buddha, is held on April 8th in my homeland. Buddhist temples all over our country hold elaborate ceremonies outside, but as it was raining this morning, I figured they would be downsized to fit indoors and not as entertaining to watch, so I skipped it (sorry, Buddha!).


Instead, I waited for the rain to stop and went to a special tea serving at the temple where I collected what I call “pieces of peace.” With strong wind a couple of nights ago and rain this morning, I did not expect to find too many cherry blossoms remaining in bloom, but look what I was greeted by when I arrived at the temple:



By the main gates



By the big bell



By the little hall


Spring wonderland, 360 degrees, one last time – what a treat!


I felt pretty good at this point already, but as I went to the tea room, I was pampered with a few more treats – charming host (as usual), fellow guests from my second hometown (finally!), and tea made with freshly grounded tea powder just in time for this occasion. And because tourists from around the world kept coming, the host let me stay as her interpreter for a couple more rounds of service, which means I got to eat more sweets… different sweets prepared especially for this occasion.


I was too busy to take photos of them, but do not fret. When I was leaving, the host took me to one side and gave me a treat just for me!



“Especially for you,” it says! (And I remembered to take a photo this time of what was inside before I munched them all in no time… PHEW!)


She got this for me to thank me for passing onto her my translation of the sacred chant praying for world peace – what a treat!


But wait, it gets even better. As I got home and took off my traditional wear, something slowly fell out…



Is it a part of the flower motif? No, it’s a cherry blossom petal!


It must have chosen to come home with me and snuck in as I walked through “cherry blossom blizzard” (the name we give for cherry blossoms past bloom having their petals blown off by wind… a truly enchanting sight, but hard to catch on photo!) – what a treat!


Maybe we need a day full of indulgence like this from time to time. Maybe especially my people hit by big earthquakes last April. They have been trying non-stop to rebuild their lives for almost a year now, and I think it is about time they got spoiled rotten for their relentless hard work!


So, maybe you can join me in sending treat after treat after treat to my people this week?


As with all but one previous get well messages which started with sending flower power, you are not asked to do anything special or extraordinary. Only that, if you have been indulged with treats recently and enjoyed them immensely, you would kindly share them with my people.


Maybe you can take a snapshot of the treat you received and post it on your site?

And maybe you can let me know by leaving a comment?


Once again, no need to go out of your way – you probably have already, and that is why you have been indulged… so go on, brag about it here!


Thank you as always to everyone who comes here to read through my post(s). Your every view, like, and comment is a treat for me… yum, yum… but I could always have more! I shall keep trying hard so you will want to keep spoiling me.


One last treat, for those in search for peace, either of mind or of the world…




No, not cherry, but peach blossoms! This young flowering peach tree has both red and white blossoms, just like this plum tree. Upon a bit of reading up, I learned that this magical sight is triggered by “PEACE” gene (PEach Anthocyanin Colour Enhancement gene, a gene that controls whether or not the petals will turn red, named by my compatriot researchers!) Please do not lose hope on peace – if we keep looking, we will find it.


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