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Sending a growing circle of cherry blossoms blooming in hearts!

Remember these tatted Celtic knot cherry blossoms? Well, I had entrusted their fate with the always charming host of tea services I attend to collect what I call “pieces of peace,” because she told me she was holding a memorial tea service on April 14th for those affected by the big earthquakes a year ago. (I wish I could attend it, but I had work…) I had asked her to give them out to the guests as little tokens of appreciation for kindly keeping, and continuing to keep, the affected in their thoughts.


I originally began tatting them to take on a challenge for International Tatting Day, but they quickly evolved into something to send to the affected to cheer them up. There was a reason – I had learned that cherry blossom was an alternative family logo of the lord who used to rule the affected region in the olden days.


Although they are beautiful, cherry blossoms are generally thought to be a bad choice for family logos, because my people find them to be most beautiful when they shed their petals, i.e., when the flowers are dying… not a symbol you would want to relate your family to! So, then, why did the lord family choose it as a family logo, even if not as the main one?


I looked it up, but I could not find a definitive answer. But here is my guess – maybe they saw a similarity between the cherry blossoms and their family and the land they live on, in that no matter how many times they are put in perilous situations, they come back in subsequent years to flourish and prosper.


And flourish and proper, they did! My tatted cherry blossoms, that is. In the end, I tatted fifty-two (I aimed for fifty, but one had to stay with me, and another was that mutant shamrock with five leaves) in a span of a week. I thought I had made more than enough, but guess what? The host informed me that fifty guests (the majority of them were tourists who just happened to pass by) showed up at the memorial tea service yesterday… thank Heavens there were just enough for everybody!


When giving them out, she told the guests that she (and I) hopes these blossoms will bloom in their hearts and keep growing the circle of love and support for the affected. When asked what to do with them, she suggested using them as bookmarks… and some immediately tucked them away in their agendas, where they will surely see them every day. What heavily responsible, but heftily rewarding, roles my blossoms have come to take on – I am sooo proud of them!


One year has passed, but my people in the affected regions still have a long way to go on their road to recovery. But on this one-year mark, we have been reminded of just how much thoughts and prayers and get well messages people from around the world have been sending our way. How they have been cheering up my people … words are just not enough to tell you how grateful we are for the ever growing circle of love and support!


So, this week, I would like to send, for a change, YOU my cherry blossoms, and hope they will bloom in your hearts and keep growing the circle of love and support.


Maybe you can join me in possessing a cherry blossom to bloom in your heart?

If you would like one of your own, and maybe a few more for your family and friends, tell me where you would like to have them sent (as well as colour preferences, if any) at the Contact, and I will ship them out as soon as possible.


Or, if you are a tatter, maybe you can join me in making these cherry blossoms for yourself, and maybe those around you?


Maybe when you have grown the circle of cherry blossoms blooming in hearts a little bigger, you can take a snapshot of where their fates have led them to and post it on your site?

And maybe you can let me know by leaving a comment?


Now, what shall I do with the one that had to stay with me? Maybe I will keep it near my heart for the moment, until I determine its fate…



It had to stay with me, because it grew too BIG!! Wrong thread size, obviously…


3 thoughts on “Sending a growing circle of cherry blossoms blooming in hearts!

    1. Thank you, notewords – it was made possible by the warm support from the always charming you and the others here, and took shape thanks to the always charming host of the tea services 🙂 Now, if only I could find a charming future for this gigantic blossom!

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  1. =Cherry Blossom=
    Pattern: “Celtic 4 leaf Clover” by R.P. arranged to have a fifth leaf
    Thread: Daruma lace thread by Yokota (cotton lace thread, size #40, colour #52 – variegated white to pink)
    Size: about 4 centimetres or slightly over 1 1/2 inches

    Pattern: “Heart Frame” by T.D.
    Thread: Lizbeth by Handy Hands (cotton lace thread, size #80, colour #100 “Falling Leaves” – variegated Victorian red, medium orange spice, dark melon, and dark canary)
    Size: about 5 centimetres or slightly less than 2 inches


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