Thoughts for No One in Particular

Anything you can do

Lately, this song from a mid-1940’s Broadway musical A.G.Y.G. has been playing in my head repeatedly:


Anything you can do, I can do better,

I can do anything better than you!

No, you can’t!

Yes, I can!

No, you can’t!

Yes, I can!

No, you can’t!

Yes, I can! Yes, I can!


Maybe it is because the two neighbouring states on the opposite sides of my homeland sound like they are singing this funny tune… except that it is not funny at all when you are caught between the two. Their claims to outdo one another sounds more like “anything bad you do, we can do much worse.”


I have no doubt they can. I have been watching closely their escalating displays of late of what they can do. But to me, neither appear greater or heightening the tone for peace, nor do they seem able to hold this tone much longer. They exchange words faster and faster, but nothing is getting softer or sweeter.


Maybe they too do not know how to bake a pie to be shared peacefully… because maybe if they knew, they would instead be singing “anything good you do, will make us nicer.”

Maybe rather than threatening each other to give punishment for bad deeds, they can present opportunities to each other to do good deeds and give rewards?


I do not speak for my people, but I personally strongly believe that peace does NOT come through “strength.” I feel that anything achieved through “strength” is effective only so long as fear for it is being exerted continuously – any stability brought about this way cannot last, and will soon extinguish when the “strength” is removed. At that point, maybe all we will be able to do is to pray that we are still alive after all “strength” is exhausted.


I strongly hope diplomatic efforts are strengthened to make this song stop playing in my head, and around me, very soon.


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