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Bedtime reading

Sorry it took me this long to make a post today! It was Friday night, and I had nothing planned for the weekend, so I thought I would stay up late and do some bedtime reading… but I think I chose the wrong material! It kept me up all night, and I still have not reached the end. *BIG SIGH*


So, what was I reading?

Maybe it was a mystery? Kinda.

Maybe it was an adventure? Sorta.

Maybe it was a sci-fi? Maybe once, but not any more.


I was reading up on a couple of breakthroughs in the field of physics – “time crystals” and “negative mass.” Do they not sound mysterious? And do you not think it would be a great adventure to find out what they are and how they work? They are phenomena whose existence have been predicted in theory but not proven experimentally, until recently… would you not say that is sci-fi once, but not any more?


Now, I am not a theoretical or experimental physicist, and I have not studied physics since my freshman year in college, so I would not normally pick physics papers for bedtime reading. But I could not resist titles with such intriguing words like “time crystals” and “negative mass” – the three-year-old in me was so fascinated by these words, it kept begging me to read them!


Well, the three-year-old in me was put to sleep in no time… I guess the complexity of crystals in perpetual motion over time and objects that accelerate toward you when you push them far outweighed the curiosity they had originally brought about. No matter how many times I read the papers over, I still could not get the whole picture of them. I had to give up trying to understand what they are and how they work, and just accept them as how they are described.


Nevertheless, I feel quite satisfied.

Maybe because it was a mystery after all – why do physicists work so hard to come up with laws to explain every physical phenomenon, then work even harder to find things that defy them?

Maybe it turned out to be an adventure as well – in trying to solve this mystery, I surfed the Internet and flew from one site to another for hours and hours to be able to follow the line of thoughts of physicists.

And maybe it became a sci-fi – by setting out on this adventure, I was vicariously living a life of a physicist, being a fictitious scientist!


Moreover, I am very delighted to find a new genre – romance. There were so much passion in going from theory to experimentation, and just as much burning desire to put the phenomena in application, from something as molecular as atoms in data processing to as cosmic as black holes!


I hope you will enjoy your bedtime reading as much as I did last night!

(But beware of the horror of what is supposed to put you to sleep keeping you up all night!)


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