Thoughts for Myself

What would have been posted on April 12, 2017: Speak of the devil

When I told you that I caught a nasty cold a couple of weekends ago, I told a little lie… or, at least, I did not tell the whole truth.


Yes, the cause of the cold was going out in the rain when I was not feeling the best having been depriving myself of sleep that entire weekend. But what made it a nasty cold was my ill-advised decision not to go home straight after work and get a good night’s rest the following Monday… an advice that came from a couple of devils residing in me. I’m not lying, I swear!


The two devils have names – I-want-it-now and I’ll-do-it-later. Ever heard of them? Or, more accurately, ever heard of their advices? They sound like they give you completely opposite advices, but they often work together to achieve one common bad result: the former entices you to do things you do not have to do now, and the latter coaxes you into putting off things you should be doing now, to make you lose time and money and trust of those around you… and sometimes even yourself!


I can usually ignore their advices with my “plus or minus one rule.” With this rule, I can pull back a step when I-want-it-now whispers and tell myself “maybe I can wait a moment longer, so let me think it over one more time,” and take a step forward when I’ll-do-it-later murmurs and say to myself “but maybe I’ll have other things I’ll want to do later, so I’m going to do it now while I can.” But they are devils – they know where my weak spots lie and how to sneak in there to break me down from within!


And that Monday evening, I gave into their advice to go get this now and do everything else, including getting a good night’s rest, later:



Kakuro, you sweet seductive devil!!


To tell you the truth, even the guilt I felt solving these puzzles lying in my sick-bed tasted sweet! But I will not lie… there will always remain doubt that maybe I let the cold get nasty so I could lie sick in bed with the puzzle and pencil in my hand.


Maybe I am just playing devil’s advocate.

Or maybe this is my way of snapping out of the sweet-talks of the two devils residing in me.


Speak of the devil, here they come again as I make this post on April 26, 2017 – some special dates coming up in May and I want to do special things for special people, but they keep persuading me to procrastinate! Will I prevail over I-want-it-now and I’ll-do-it-later?


Or maybe a better question would be, do you know of any angels who can give me pep-talks?


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