The Starting Point

Imagine a flower falling into a river that flows beneath…


Maybe the flower just fell and the water just carried it away, just as we see. Nothing more to it.

But then, maybe the flower fell because it wanted to be carried by the water to somewhere it has never been.

Or, maybe the water was waiting for the flower to fall so to show it the world it has never seen.

Even more, maybe the flower and the water both knew each other’s wishes and acted to fulfill the other’s dream.


The truth? Who knows. But I for one like the last maybe – oh, the character to act selflessly, and the courage to put yourself in the hands of another!


This short verse taken from an old Chinese writing is the template of how this blog is to take shape. This is a place for me to think about the things I see, and entertain as many “maybe’s” to them as possible, in search for the one “maybe” to each thing I see that rings true to me.

And just maybe, the water will flow and the flower will float for you to find your own “maybe” from here…


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