Monthly Report: January 2016

February 2, 2016


A. Overview of the progress

Established routine activity with a post a day, with sprinkles of visuals here and there.

Not much else, as I am still learning the details involved in keeping the blog running.

No visitors… a little disappointed, but largely relieved, as I do not feel ready for public eyes just yet.


B. Statistics on the posts

(a) Posts:

31 posts / 31 days


(b) Word count:

Average 336 words / post, SD 80 words

Maximum 518 words (January 28th “Road to success”)

Minimum 159 words (January 23rd “Your arms”)


(c) Categories:

0 used


(d) Tags:

42 used

Average 3.7 tags / post

Most used (excluding “Thoughts”):

“Culture” (8 times)

“Sentiments” (7 times)

“Self-Discovery” (6 times)

“Decision-Making”, “Education”, “Goals”, “Influences”, “Seasonal” (4 times each)

“Body Parts”, “Mind and Body”, “People” (3 times each)


(e) Visuals:

5 photos uploaded


(f) Views:



(g) Comments (excluding my own):



C. Analyses on the statistics in relation to the goals

(a) Goal One – the Personal:

Thoughts displayed every day of the month (100%).

Off to a good start in thinking aloud, it seems.


(b) Goal Two – the Social:

Thoughts on “Education” appeared 4 times in the month (13%), with average word count of 367 words (+31 words from overall average) [data not shown].

Good intensity but need more frequency in voicing dreams, perhaps.


(c) Goal Three – the Mystery:

Fourty-two (42) tags used in the month, with 25 (60%) appearing just once [data not shown].

Thoughts are still sporadic, but more build-up of thoughts will come with increased number of posts.


D. Overall evaluation

(a) The good:

I am quite pleased that I was able to post a thought every day. And although still timid, I am finding it enjoyable to reveal my thoughts. I feel good enough to continue. I that this is more than enough a progress for the first month, considering the fact that I never used to put any thought out in the open.


(b) The bad:

Although I use tags, I have not yet been able to find appropriate categories for my posts. It is quite distressing to keep seeing “Uncategorized” appear on the screen because it makes me feel disorganized, somehow. But what is worse is that I have not done anything to remedy it. I shall get moving in the next month!


(c) The ugly:

Two things stand out: the visuals and word count. I have to make the pictures more appealing… and that means improving my tatting techniques as well as photography skills. I also have to keep a close eye on becoming too wordy… tidy up my thoughts and be as concise as possible.


E. Et cetera’s

This blog was never meant to be a place to display my tatting projects, but as tatting is an essential part of me and a lot of thoughts go into (and come out of) it, I could not leave them out. This month I completed 2 small projects, and both made an appearance in the blog.