The Goals

To keep this blog simple and on track, I will set three goals to stick to: one personal, another social, and a third… well, a mystery for now.


Goal One – the Personal:


With all the pondering that goes on inside me, I can come off being concealed and remote. Keeping my thoughts mostly to myself, I can appear insensible, illogical, incomprehensible. I was becoming increasingly mistaken, misunderstood, mistreated. It got to a point where I could not recognize the person I was becoming to be myself. I did not exist anywhere any more.


At the start of this blog, I had stopped being everything I thought I was not. From here on, I look to reveal all the pondering that goes on inside me so as to better represent myself and relate with others. I hope to reconstruct myself into the person I can recognize to be myself, and come to existence once again.


So, I will think aloud, and keep thinking aloud until I emerge as the matter that is.


Goal Two – the Social:


Having an existence in the society will require me to take on a role in it. I have long dreamed of taking part in the field of Education in my homeland, ever since I specialized in it in my academic years abroad. But when I returned to my country of origin, no one saw how the content and methodology of the schooling I received could be put to practical use. The role I dreamed of taking on was nowhere to be found.


But times have changed since then. With increased focus on globalization and diversity now, there is heightened demand for people with appropriate skills and knowledge of both ourselves and the world. I know I have a lot to offer in better preparing the educational system, the educators, and the students for the changing times. I want to get involved in the society through Education more than ever.


So, I will voice my dreams, and keep voicing my dreams until I find someone who would dream with me.


Goal Three – the Mystery:


Now that I knew I wanted to think aloud and voice my dreams, I needed a place to do so. My own arena where I could listen to the sounds I make without any background noise and look at the way I appear without any distortions. My own space where I could feel comfortable being myself. Somewhere quiet, clear, and secure. I chose the cyberspace.


This blog in the middle of digital no man’s land would be where I start the search for me. I start alone, with only my thoughts. My thoughts will be the building blocks of this blog. As such, as I build this blog I will be building me as well. And I am apprehensive but hopeful, nervous but excited, frightened but cheerful that this is the process that will lead me to come back into existence… wherever it is that this blog takes me, I know it will be the right place.


So, I will build up on my thoughts, and keep building up on my thoughts until I find the true meaning of this blog.