The Scribbler

Anthropological classification would be Asian and raised so in an old-fashioned Asian family, but grew up and schooled mostly in the Western society… et voila, you have an individual whose feelings and thoughts do not always coincide with the actions it is expected to take. Ah, a new twist to the mind-body dualism!


So began the search for my own answer to the existential quandary, somewhat like the famous 17th-century French philosopher R.D. After a lot of meditation by myself and becoming reduced down to the bare minimal, I still did not reach the same conclusion – for me, Cogito did not entail ergo sum, because… well, this is where the blog begins.


I will keep it very simple.


(1) I will present a thought;

(2) entertain a few (but not all) “maybe’s”; and

(3) make a choice on which “maybe” I will endorse, with reasoning behind the choice.


Once I am done with one thought I will repeat the process with another, then another, and yet another (perhaps return to one from time to time)… and see where this will take me with regards to the goals I set out.