Thoughts for My People

Sending won-won-wonderful Chinese New Year wishes!

Happy (slightly belated) Chinese New Year to everyone around the world who is celebrating – may the Year of the Earth Dog bring you unconditional love like that the man’s best friend gives and loads and loads of prosperity like the treats the sniffin’ diggin’ animal uncovers!   Chinese New Year decoration at the Taiwanese… Continue reading Sending won-won-wonderful Chinese New Year wishes!

Thoughts for No One in Particular

Backtracking the next step forward

It is Friday night again, and that means ballroom dancing class… the fourth, already! I have been anxious to attend tonight’s class all week, because there will be no class next week (my instructor and his partner will be too busy prepping to compete at the Asian Championship – I knew he was talented, but… Continue reading Backtracking the next step forward