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What guides you through

I have one sibling, a big brother three years older than me. Being the elder of the two, he possesses many of the traits typically attributed to oldest children in a family: assertive and likes taking charge, self-disciplined and responsible, not afraid of changes and up for challenges. Maybe too much so that I did not find the need to develop these traits while we were growing up together. He looked out for me well and I experienced just about everything vicariously through him.


It is only when we became adults and went our separate ways that I realized I was missing some important traits to live on my own. I did not know how to create my own space, look after myself, and dive into new environments. I did not have the confidence to get through life. I was always insecure about what I was doing. I lost bearings. Or maybe it was never mine to begin with.


So when I decided to start this blog, and through it reconstruct myself, one of the first things I thought of was how my big brother came to be the person he is. He sets himself goals, measures achievements, and makes adjustments wherever necessary… Aha! So, goals are what I need to find bearings.


But how will I measure achievements? I am not an achievement-driven person like my big brother, and I could easily see myself lowering target numbers and delaying deadlines just to make it seem like I am achieving something. And then I would be back at square one, wondering how I got so lost. Definitely do not want to go down that road again. Is there anywhere else I can seek guidance?


Maybe I can focus on the simple fact that I am making advancements toward my goals.

Maybe I can appreciate the process I am taking to move closer to my goals.

Maybe I can enjoy the ride on my way to my goals.


Maybe it is the progress that I will make while I head towards my goals that I should look to to guide me through life.


One thought on “What guides you through

  1. After all the nothing I did yesterday, this is the something I got my hands on today… the first progress report. If it interests you, have a look at “Monthly Report: January 2016” under the Progress menu at the top of this blog.


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